An aerial view of Paia, the heart of the North Shore of Maui.


Paia has experienced a spurt of new growth and development since we first published "Old Paia Town A Memoir" in the first upload of MAUI POINTS OF VIEW in the Spring of 1997.

A small handful of new buildings have gone up, designed to fit in with Paia's country-town archtectural heritage, including an "old west" looking gas station, much like the old "Last Chance Texaco" of years goneby, and a new old-style US Post Office.

In the last year or so, Paia has seen the emergence of storefront realtors as a major "downtown" presence, with no less than six former retail outlets now converted into offices selling off bits of the island. How exciting (YAWN!)

Giftshops abound and the merchandise ranges from teeshirts, lotions, and sunglasses, to crystals, knick-knacks, and "fashions" of every style and description, from imported Indonesian artifacts and mass-produced Hawaiiana, to antiques, and fine arts and hand-made crafts by Maui artists.

We have an abundance of cappuccino machines, now, and lots of little eateries that have all added to the increasing bustle of the town. Fairly good food is available at other places as well. One art gallery in town makes a mean taco for $3. Chicken, fish or beef!

But, as you would expect in a town that has grown into a destination, some folks have started to take themselves too seriously, and there is now an "upscale" air about a few of the shops and their owners. Misplaced perhaps, as you still have to wade through a fair number of hippies and street kids selling pot to go buy some Tommy Bahamas boxer shorts. Everything in perspective, please.




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